Bay Area Gate Builders – Williams Gate Works

At Williams Gate Works, our Bay Area gate builders take pride in building exquisite, high-quality custom wood gates for residential and commercial clients. From garden and custom driveway gates to wooden side gates and more, our focus is on products that are not only beautiful and distinct, but superior in terms of durability. Custom redwood gates for your Bay Area home or business enhance the landscape, while adding a measure of security.

Perhaps you are a homeowner who desires to replace a broken or rotted entrance to your backyard with one that’s more elegant. Our custom backyard gates for Bay Area homeowners are designed to last, unlike many of the options you find at home supply or improvement stores. Additionally, the bronze gate hardware, hinges, and latches we use in producing our gates add to their distinctive beauty.

Our custom redwood gates for Bay Area businesses won’t split, crack, rot, or have issues you have probably seen with other wood gates. Our wooden fence gates are superior to others, increasing the curb appeal of your property while serving an important purpose.

Custom driveway gates not only secure your property, but add a prestigious, upscale element to its appeal. At Williams Gate Works, we are committed to excellence in everything we do, from the materials used in our custom wood gates to design and installation. For all of your custom redwood gate needs whether for the garden, driveway, side yard, or fence, Bay Area clients have counted on our exceptional products for more than a quarter of a century!