Belvedere’s Finest in Gate Craftsmanship: Williams Gate Works

Nestled in the Bay Area, Belvedere has its fair share of architectural splendors. But did you know a lot of these are proudly adorned by Williams Gate Works’ masterpieces? Be it the garden entry or a grand driveway, our gate designs are a hallmark of many Belvedere homes and businesses.

With an exceptional track record of over 25 years, we have established ourselves as a premier gate company in the San Francisco Bay Area, particularly in Belvedere.

We Don’t Just Build Gates; We Craft Gates!

Shannon Williams, heading Williams Gate Works, is not just any gate builder; he is a craftsman and an artist with an uncompromising commitment to excellence. He meticulously handcrafts each gate, paying personalized attention to every detail while designing it to endure a lifetime.

Specializing in exceptional gate designs, our team embodies a fusion of functional artistry and robust craftsmanship, setting the standard for high-end gates. Each piece we construct isn’t just built but handcrafted, promising durability and ageless beauty.

Ultimately, choosing custom wood gates for your property enhances its aesthetic appeal and adds functionality and value. And trust us, you won’t have to complain about durability concerns, pest issues, weather vulnerabilities, etc. We craft sturdy gates that are less prone to associated damage.

Our Timber Choices Are Pristine

Indeed, the beauty of a gate lies in the raw materials. Therefore, Shannon’s selections are a testament to this belief. He handpicks Mahogany or Sapele, Western Red Cedar, and Clear Heart Redwood for different projects.

Each lumber piece is hand-selected, emphasizing a proper grain pattern that helps maximize the stability and strength of the final product. We believe that in the realm of gate design, the selection of the right kind of wood is paramount, and Shannon ensures that this foundation is unerring.

We also add a touch of distinctive design features to further elevate the elegance of our high-end gates. The synergy between the rich hues of woods like mahogany and the gleaming sophistication of bronze and copper is a sight to behold, making every yard gate or entrance gate stand out from the crowd of neighboring gates.

You can also check out our gallery to set realistic expectations.

Ready To Explore What’s In Store For You?

Reach out to Williams Gate Works today, and let Shannon bring your gate vision to life. Williams Gate Works is more than just a brand; it is a legacy of unparalleled craftsmanship and design innovation.

For those in Belvedere and the broader Bay Area, Shannon Williams is the trusted name. Call 831-818-3630 to get started.