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At Williams Gate Works, we know that when it comes to durability, beauty, and resistance to rust, nothing beats bronze gate hardware. We carry a wide array of bronze gate latches, hinges, strap hinges, and more designed for functionality and to add beauty and elegance to your gates for years.

Our Bronze hinges are an ideal choice for all types of gateways or entrances as they are resistant to the harsh conditions associated with the coastal environment. Bronze does not rust and is resistant to corrosion, things that detract from the beauty and functionality of your gates. The hinges are pure Bronze consisting of 90%coper and 10% tin. All our hinges, including strap hinges, butt hinges and our non-active band hinges have a textured old world style finish, and are covered by warranty.

When it comes to bronze gate or thumb latches, we have a wide assortment including double thumb latch and drop bar type, ring turn drop bar latches, pull handles, lever turn handle varieties with drop bar latch on Euro or rounded square plate, and more. A bronze gate latch not only adds to the old world look, but adds to security as well providing easy entrance and exit to areas of your home or commercial property.

There are various types of hinges, latches, and other hardware designed for use with gates such as stainless steel, aluminum, iron, even brass. While all of these materials serve their purpose, nothing offers the elegant, lasting beauty and functionality of bronze gate hardware. Cast and wrought iron is one of the most popular choices among homeowners, however it is important to know that even with a powdercoat finish, this type of hardware will eventually rust, particularly in areas where two components of a latch come together. A bronze gate latch provides that beautiful “old world” look and will never rust, regardless of the elements.

Bronze strap hinges are designed to last a lifetime, and the ideal complement to any wood gate whether backyard, driveway, side yard, or other entrance. While our specialty is crafting the highest quality wood gates for every need, we believe a beautiful gate deserves bronze gate hardware that is just as beautiful.

Whether you need a bronze thumb latch, bronze strap hinges or other hardware, count on Williams Gate Works for accessories that make your gates stand apart with distinct old world charm and unsurpassed quality. Contact us today for all of your bronze gate hardware needs.

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