How do I determine my gate dimensions?

In the case you have an existing rectangular opening, you must measure the horizontal distance of the opening between your existing posts, columns, or walls, and determine the required height of your gate. We will determine gate dimensions and tolerances based on this information. In the case where you have an existing arch-top opening and would like to match it to an arch-top gate, click here to see how to make that measurement.

Do your gates come with posts?

They do not, however we can recommend general contractors in certain areas whom you may contact for such work. Please contact us for such information.

Are your gates made in the USA?

Proudly. All of our gates are made in Santa Cruz, California, and we purchase our Redwood from local sources.

How long will it take WGW to build my gate?

Typical lead times are 3-5 weeks depending on the season and current demand.

Will WGW install my gate?

It depends on location. We can provide gate installation within reasonable driving proximity of Santa Cruz County, California. For a list of locations where installation is available, click here.

How are joints fastened?

At WGW, we combine the time proven strength of mortise and tenon joinery with marine grade epoxy. To learn why this is important, click here.

What kind of adhesive is used on my gate?

WGW uses marine grade epoxy to reinforce the traditional mortise and tenon joints. This epoxy makes the joints stronger than the actual wood itself. To learn more, click here.

How are the gates sealed?

At WGW, we seal ALL the end grain on every piece of wood. We even seal the end grains on the internal panels before the gate is assembled. Find out why this is important by clicking here.

What is the gate thickness?

WGW mills solid wood to 2 ¼” thick for each gate. This sets our gates apart from production gate makers who often use wood only 1 ½” thick. For more information, Click here.

Should I select right-handed or left-handed hardware?

Click here to see how to determine right-handed or left-handed hardware.

How do I determine the gate size?

Click here for a full set of instructions.