Do you want a gate that not just offers security and durability but also adds aesthetic value to your property? At Williams Gate Works, we offer artisan gates and doorways made of premium quality materials, such as western red cedar, and mahogany, which are designed to enhance your residential or commercial property’s beauty. We specialize in producing elegant gates in a variety of styles, including, Traditional Craftsman, Asian, and castle designs. Our focus is to create customized and unique gates that show off your home and business personality. Each gate is custom-made for each customer, to fit perfectly in any opening.

If you live in Santa Cruz and the San Francisco Bay Area, Including the Monterey bay area we can help you design custom gates with high-quality wood and bronze finishes, contact us now.

Premium Wood Craftsmanship For Gate Building in the San Francisco Bay Area, Monterey Bay, and Santa Cruz

At Williams Gate Works, we integrate creativity with time-proving woodworking craftsmanship to create beautiful gates with incomparable durability, strength, security, and aesthetics. We work with quality wood types only, including reclaimed, western red cedar, mahogany, and bamboo, and integrate materials like fine copper and bronze in special features and accessories of the gate.

Every wood plank is hand-selected to ensure maximum strength and stability and proper grain pattern. All our gates come with custom-fitted copper caps to provide elegance and added protection.

All the gates at Williams Gate Works are 2 ¼ inches thick rather than 1 ½ inches thick and are assembled with the help of mortise and tenon joints. Our proprietary joinery system includes the combination of three separate joinery systems in each and every joint, We combine that with thickened marine epoxy, to create a joint that is stronger than the wood itself. Marine epoxy is used because of its strength, durability, and waterproof characteristics. Mass-produced gates use carpenter’s glue which starts to fail after a few short years.

Types of Custom Gates by Williams Gate Works

At Williams Gate Works, we can design carriage house-style garage doors for homeowners who value elegance and uniqueness. Our garage gates can be designed in an array of styles, ranging from Craftsman to Old World to contemporary, from single-panel doors to double-panel doors, from swinging doors, from flush panel gates to Asian-style gates, and so much more.

Our focus is on yard gates, driveway gates, garden gates, garage gates, and all types of outdoor gates that are meticulously handcrafted with mahogany, Western Red Cedar, and other fine lumber and classic bronze and copper features.

Looking for attractive gates that can lend your property a rich and luxurious look and promise to last longer than mass-produced gates? Reach out to Williams Gate Works in Santa Cruz, the Monterey bay area, and the San Francisco Bay Area today.

Bronze Gate Hardware

At Williams Gate Works, we create stunning bronze gate hardware to enhance the strength, resistance, and beauty of your gates. We provide a wide range of bronze accessories for residential and commercial gates, including bronze gate latches, bronze hinges, bronze hinge straps, and more, resulting in increased functionality and aesthetics.

In addition, we offer an array of beautifully-designed bronze thumb latches, drop bar latches, ring turn latches, pull handles, lever turn handles, drop bar latches on Euro plates, and more. All our bronze accessories have an exquisite Old-World style finish and are covered by a warranty. We now offer our new line of contemporary hardware in 4 different finishes including espresso, Platinum, midnight black, and Champagne.

Get Custom Wood Doors at Williams Gate Works

At Williams Gate Works, we take great pride in building elegant, premium-quality personalized wood gates for your home and commercial business. Whether you want a gate for your garden or driveway, we provide breathtaking, secure, and durable gates that offer value year after year.

Reach out to us at today to order your custom gate. Check out our gallery and get inspired by our wonderful designs.